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Security Swing Gates – Guide to the LX025-OO Security Swing Gates Kit

Security Swing Gates – Guide to the LX025-OO Security Swing Gates Kit

In this article, we take a look at how to install one of the gate kits, in this case, the LX025-OO security swing gates kit. The kit comes with several different length gates & posts to make up the gates as single or as double type. Thus covering pathways, single track width roads to double track width roads.

Tools You’ll need are:

  • A tube of Super Glue such as Loctite 60 Second Glue or Deluxe Materials Super Phatic Glue.
  • An old cloth to wipe away excess glue.
  • Craft knife with fresh sharp blades.
  • A cutting mat.
  • 3MM drill bit.
  • Electric drill.
  • Acrylic paints (of any suitable colour)

Building & Installing the LX025-OO Security Gates Kit.

The kit comes supplied with parts sheet & an instruction sheet.

Included on the instruction sheet is a set of optional no entry signs for cutting out & sticking on the gates.

Start by painting the gates in your chosen colour.

Once dry give the gates a second coat of paint.

If you’ve not done so already, turn the parts sheet over & give the other side of the gates two coats of paint.

Next move on to painting the gate posts. Give the posts like the gates two coats of paint.

As before, turn the parts sheet over & give two coats of paint to the other side of the posts.

For the purpose of this article, I’m also painting some of the gates & posts in a red colour to add a bit of variety. As before, I’m giving the gates & posts two coats of paint.

Here you can see, the parts sheet after painting. We’ll now move on to assembly phase.

Start by carefully cutting through the pips that hold the blank pieces within the gate frames.

After cutting out the blank parts & discarding them into the recycling bin, your parts sheet should now look like the parts sheet in the photo on the right.

Now carefully cut the pips that hold the gates onto the parts sheet to remove the gate. Pay attention not to cut the gate hinges off!

In the photo on the right can be seen the gate hinges & also the gate end locking plate. Don’t cut these off the gate!!

Using a sanding stick or nail file, lightly sand flush any pips that may be standing proud off the gate sides. Also, do the same on the inside of the gate frames.

Now put the gate frames in pairs as shown on the right.

Take one gate frame & apply a thin bead of Roket Card Glue along one side as shown on the right.

Take the matching gate frame & carefully place onto the glued gate frame. Make sure all sides & square flush & true. Wipe away any excess glue. Now repeat with the process with the rest of the gate frames.

You should now have each of the gates as a stack of two as shown on the right.

Next cut & remove the posts with the single hinge as shown on the right. Again don’t cut through the hinge piece.

Run a bead of glue along one side of the post shown on the right.

Carefully place the second post with a single hinge piece onto the glued post. As shown on the right. Make sure all sides, edges are true flush & square.

Now repeat the process with the other single hinge posts, as shown on the right.

Now repeat the process with this time with the double-hinged posts, as shown on the right. So that they are in stacks of two.

Next, apply a small blob of Roket card Glue on to the lower side of the hinges of the gate as shown on the right. The gate hinges will sit on top of the gate post hinges.

Use a pair of tweezers to firmly hold the hinges together whilst the glue sets.

Repeat the process with the single hinge gate post as shown on the right. If you are modelling the gate in the open position then obviously don’t glue the end post onto the gate.

Repeat the process with the assembly with other gates & posts. You’ll have a couple of spare posts included in the kit as shown on the right.

Installing the gates.

First, mark out where the holes for the gates posts are to be drilled. Then using a 3MM drill bit, drill the holes for the smaller end posts. You’ll need a slighty bigger drill bit for the main gate post.

Test fit the gates to make sure they fit perfectly in the holes you’ve just drilled.

Remove the gates & apply a drop of glue into each drill hole.

Now re-fit the gateposts. Make sure the gates are true & square. You may need to hold the gates for a few mins whilst the glue sets. You can now cut out & add the no entry signs to the gates as you so wish. The gates can be installed as single gates, double gates either matching length or one short gate & one long gate. Look out for the real thing on your travels or look up various Google online images for ideas.

I’ve painted the gates in colours based on some in my local area, that I’ve seen on some cycle paths & trackway/ carpark entrance.

Below is a gallery of photos to give you some ideas of how the rest of this gate kit is installed.


Happy modelling.

The gallery below shows the completed gates installed on a  diorama board. Making small dioramas like these give you the chance to practice & try out new methods & techniques. So grab your modelling tools & have a go.


Happy modelling

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  1. MalcT

    Are the hinges too delicate to add a small tube so the gates will open ?

    • Iain

      The hinges could be cut away & replaced with a tube to make them so they can be opened & closed. Alternatively, if you are very careful, you could possibly drill a hole through the hinges & insert a small pin of some sort to act as a hinge.

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