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Simple Bridge Construction

A simple overbridge can be just that, very easy to manufacture. Other than the fact that you’ve made it yourself, the nature of its simple structure lends itself to many lengths and widths.

The basic materials are; a Wills ‘Vari-girder’ kit, plastic ‘I’ beams, a piece of scrap MDF board, and a small can of car primer.

The end result was achieved by assembling the Wills kit, then gluing the completed panels to one side of the ‘I’ beams. The bridge deck was simply a case of cutting the MDF to the required size, filing the edges of the MDF slightly narrower so that they will fit inside the web of the ‘I’ girder, and gluing them in place.

When the glue had had 48 hours to dry solid, I sprayed 3 layers of primer over the entire structure.

The completed deck is strong enough for even the heaviest trains, and can be supported by any of the available downloadable card kits.

Although the grey primer is only the undercoat for my final paint finish, the structure looks quite good and prototypical in its current guise.

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  1. Iain

    A quick & easy project to do. Excellent idea.

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