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Sound Blaster

A few years ago we bought a ‘Mighty Sound Blaster’. For those of you who have never seen one, it’s a two inches tall stand alone item. You can buy sound chips for it covering every sound going from big battle ships guns firing, chickens clucking, doves, a country fair ground and even Spitfires in battle. The sound can be improved by putting it in a cardboard tube, the longer tube the  much better the sound will be.

Use a toilet paper tube or a kitchen hand towel tube hidden in a factory chimney. The company says if you have a large steam boat is to place the blaster in side the boat & you’ll will get many more times the sound. Other sounds include a busy city sound chip with police sirens & car horns tooting.  What’s more important is that this is British  made & there is even an updated sound blaster too! Ours cost us £30.00 s and the sound chips are £10 each. Take a look at their site for latest updates.

P.S you will NOT be disappointed…………………..

Debbie O’Reilly.


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  1. Kevin

    Hi Debbie

    I’m not at all sure what product you are referring to here. A google search for a mighty sound blaster simply comes up with sound cards to install in a pc…Sound Blaster is a long standing product name used by Creative Labs for their sound cards (Ive actually owned a couple over the years).

    Could you add a link to the product you are reviewing please? I’m interested in knowing more.

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