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Speed Matching Basics On DCC Using JMRI Decoder Pro

The bonus video this weekend is one for users of DCC on their model railways running locomotives in a double-headed configuration which is known as a consist. In theory, it’s a simple process but in practice, if the locos aren’t quite matched then you can sometimes find the locos fight each other, with one pulling or pushing more than the other. One method is to speed match both locomotives by changing a couple of CV’s on the DCC decoder.  TGS Multimedia give a basics walkthrough of how to speed match a pair of locomotives using the free JMRI Decoder Pro software, a laptop, & the Sprog DCC programmer unit.

If you have issues with running double-headed locos on DCC, this video may be of help in getting your locos running smoothly when running as double-headed.

Here’s the video…

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  1. Douglas Bell

    Never tried this before but looks interesting.

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