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Street Furniture – Iron Work

Street Furniture – Ironwork

A detail that is often overlooked & missed on layouts, is the detail of ironwork. A look on any street & you’ll find such details as manhole covers, grates, grills, fire hydrant covers, sewer covers etc. These can be easily added to your street scene either using the pre-printed Ax013-OO Ironwork texture sheet:–ironwork-oo4mm176-503-p.asp

Or if you have a printer, then the download & print your own version from the club shop with your points here:

On the texture sheet, you get a varied selection of the most commonly found street ironwork. Below you can see one sheet of AX013-OO that I’m currently using on my own layout.

To use, simply select & carefully cut out the ironwork texture you want to use using a pair of scissors or sharp craft knife. Use a dark coloured felt-tip pen, marker/sharpe pen to colour in the white edges. Also worth using a Woodland Scenics Tidy Track Steel Rail Paint Pen, to colour in the white edges.

Then simply glue iron texture to your street scene on your layout. I use a glue stick such as Pritt Stick, which allows some re-positioning of the ironwork texture. Another method is to cut out a recess in the road or pavement so that the ironwork texture will sit flush with the road surface.

On the Pavement kit KX023-oo & KX023-N a selection of ironwork is also included with the kit, including flush kerb grate/grilles. The OO 1:76 scale pre-printed Kit can be found here:

The N gauge pre-printed version can be found here:

Also, check out the club shop in which you can get these kits using your club points. Below is a selection of images of the ironwork textures in use on a layout. Another kit the LX064 available in scales N, OO, O, TT, & 1:24 scale, features laser cut & engraved raised details ironwork manhole covers. These can also be used for your street scenes. The OO version can be found here:


Happy modelling.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    It’s amazing how such small items can make such a difference and create an impressive impact to a layout.

    • Iain

      It’s the little details that can really bring a layout to life, as you say really makes a difference.

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