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Street Furniture – Marker Posts (Gas, Water, Electric etc)

Street Furniture – Concrete Marker Posts

A detail that is often overlooked & missed on layouts, is the detail of concrete marker posts. A look on any street & you’ll find such details as the concrete marker posts as well as manhole covers, grates, grills, fire hydrant covers, sewer covers etc. These can be easily added to your street scene either using the pre-printed LX009-OO Laser Cut Concrete Markers:

The LX009-OO concrete marker posts are an ideal item to go with the  AX013-OO Ironwork texture sheet. To recap: On the AX013-OO texture sheet, you get a varied selection of the most commonly found street ironwork. Below you can see one sheet of AX013-OO that I’m currently using on my own layout.

The AX009-OO kit comes with the concrete marker posts already pre-laser etched & cut. Included on the instruction sheet is a selection of signage to go on the posts such as fire hydrant, gas, electricity signs. The posts can be used unpainted to represent concrete or painted to suit.

Tools you’ll need are: Sharpe craft Knife, Steel ruler or straight edge for cutting against. Tweezers, scissors, Roket Card Glue.

Let’s Get Started…

We’ll start off with the fire hydrants. Sometimes seen painted in yellow, this we’ll replicate by using acrylic, artist paints, water-based paint etc.

Paint the front side with the laser engraved square. Apply the paint as a thin coat so as not to clog the laser engraved details.

Now flip the parts sheet over & & paint the rear side as shown on the right. Again, apply the paint as a thin coat.

Next, we move on to using the cutting mat.

Using a sharp craft knife & steel ruler or scissors, carefully cut out the yellow hydrant signs.

Apply a small thin amount of Roket Card glue to the area within the laser engraved square, as shown on the right.

Use a pair of tweezers to place the cut yellow hydrant sign on to the glued area. Make sure you set the sign square within the laser engraved area of the post.

Repeat, with the rest of the signs.

Carefully cut the post free from the parts sheet. Make sure you cut the square across the post base.

To install, either drill a hole suitably sized to take the post or glue into place. Here we’ve applied some Loctite 60 Second glue on to the base of the post. Use a pair of tweezers to place & hold the post on the pavement whilst the glue sets.

Once the glue has set, repeat installing the posts wherever needed on the layout. Be sure to also install the relevant ironwork on the pavement as can be seen in the photo on the right.

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  1. David Watson

    These tiny detailed items are really effective on a layout. I used them at my Dean Park Signal and Telecommunication facility. They are easy to paint and plant on your layout with a spot of Roket Rapid glue. Highly recommended.

    • Iain

      That scene you’ve created there is stunning. Really like your attention to details.

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