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I’m using styrofoam for the first time on my layout can anyone recommend a glue that will stick styrofoam to styrofoam and also to styrofoam to ply wood , cardboard and MDF strips or do I need to purchase 3 separate types of glue I’ve tried copydex but not very successful


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    • Caddieman

      Thanks Iain went out this morning to local screwfix and purchased the no nonsense PVA and it works a treat only did a small practice piece but it’s looking good
      Thanks for your quick reply and knowledge it’s very much appreciated

      • Iain

        Your most welcome 🙂

  1. justin evans

    I use a strong pva glue for all of your gluing that you mention

  2. Mike Dodds

    For styrofoam to styrofoam I’d use Gorilla Glue, I find PVA in that case takes forever to go off.

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