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Hello folks! You’re on this page, hopefully, because you just received a surprise box of bits in the post this today! We hope you like it. It’s just a little something to say a big THANK YOU for being a club member and to say thank you for all the lovely messages & cards for our wedding. Inside the box, you’ll find a number of samples from some of our most popular kits that Tina and I thought you could make use of on your layouts. They’re not really era-specific so they should work on pretty much any layout. And they’re also nice and easy to build, so you haven’t got to slave away for hours to build and make use of them, particularly while the weather is hot! There’s also a little thank you note from myself, Tina & the team here at And… For modellers based in the UK, there’s a delicious sweet treat too! It’s Salted Caramel Fudge made by Buttermilk in Padstow, Cornwall, and it’s amazing! Apologies to modellers based in Europe and further afield as we’re unable to post the fudge abroad. Sorry 🙁


Below is a list of all the items in your box, along with a link to any instructions you’ll need to build them. A lot of them are pretty self explanatory though :-).

N Gauge Modellers – Now we know some of you will be wondering why you’ve received a OO scale box, when you model in O or N. And the reason for that is simple. At present we can’t tell from your club profile what your preferred scale is. So we’ve gone with the most popular choice. If you’d like to swap, or request an O or N scale box, please simply drop us a line through the contact page, and I’ll get one sent out as swiftly as possible. It may take a week or two though due to staff holidays etc etc…

LX001-OO Five Bar Gate

A simple five bar gate, suitable for use across a driveway, farm track or entrance to a field. This is the first ever laser cut kit we released and it’s still one of the most popular.

Click here for LX001-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX001-OO Gates.


LX004-OO Garden Fencing

A simple, traditional style picket fence, ideal for use around a garden or even part of a station. Layered card construction gives a realistic finish once complete. It takes a while to assemble but it’s easy to do and the finished appearance is well worth it.

Click here for LX004-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX004-OO Fencing.


LX075-OO Decorative Wrought Iron Railings


No instructions are needed for these. Simply remove from the sheet, paint them in your chosen colour and they’re ready to use, around a garden, path, memorial or even on a balcony.

Click here to order another pack of LX075-OO Railings.


LX079-OO Trestle Table

A small but very useful trestle table. Ideal for use in a back garden as part of a summer BBQ scene, or even inside an engine shed next to a loco being repaired!

Click here for the LX079-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX079-OO Trestle Tables.


LX003-OO Garden Gates

A pair of simple garden gates with posts… One large and one small. Very easy to build and great for use with our fencing and wall kits.

Click here for LX003-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX003-OO Gates.


LX006-OO 4ft Post & Rail Fencing

Without a doubt the most common type of fencing seen all over the UK. Again, this is built up using simple card layers. Very therapeutic to build and looks excellent when complete. Can be easily bent and shaped to follow curves and inclines too.

Click here for LX006-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX006-OO Fencing.


LX108-OO Wooden Ladders


Again, no instructions needed for these. Simply remove from the sheet and put them to use on your layout wherever you wish! Leaning up against a house, shed or factory wall. Pop one on the roof of a shed (My grandad kept his there for years!). The choice is yours.

Click here to order another pack of LX108-OO Ladders.


LX144-OO Tyres

Simple to construct & excellent for detailing a garage scene. They can also be slung into the undergrowth along a road or railway track.

Click here for the LX144-OO instructions.

Click here to order another pack of LX144-OO Tyres.


LX125-OO Arch Top Industrial Windows

A pair of simple, arch top industrial windows, suitable for use in a small factory, goods shed or any other scratch-building project. Complete with sills and arched brick headers.

Click here to order another pack of LX125-OO Arch Top Industrial Windows.

LX020-OO 3ft x 2ft Paving Slabs

These are one of the easiest products to use in our range, and they’re designed to help you build simple paths, walkways and paved areas in minutes. Simply cut out from the sheet and lay them however you like! Or stack them up against a wall or shed in a garden or yard.

Click here to order another pack of LX020-OO Slabs.


LX039-OO Extractor Fans

These fans are perfect for detailing the wall of a factory, engine shed, maintenance depot and more. Just two layers of laserboard and a quick coat of paint and they’re ready to be installed.

Click here for the LX039-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX039-OO Extractor Fans.

LX097-OO Tube Clamp Railings

There are so many uses for tube clamp railings; along industrial walkways, around lineside equipment cabinets and signalling equipment, in busy freight depots and more.

Click here for the LX097-OO Instructions

Click here to order another pack of LX097-OO Tube-Clamp Railings.

LX159-OO Decorative Canopy Brackets

Originally designed to support a station canopy, but there’s lots of uses for these brackets on your layout. Supporting a canopy above a goods shed or even just leaning up against a wall or in a skip as scrap.

Click here to order another pack of LX159-OO Decorative Canopy Brackets.

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