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The Great North Road, England 1939

We start the videos this weekend with a trip back in time to 1939 for a road trip along the old A1 (Great North Road). This video/film by Rick88888888 has been motion stabilized, slightly colour and contrast corrected and upscaled to HD proportions. Old films like this, are reference material gems to anyone modelling the time periods shown. The vehicles, street & road details, signage etc of this period, can be correctly modelled & also give many kit ideas & scratch building project ideas. The film has no sound, but well worth a watch!  

Here’s the video…



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  1. Ellasark4

    That is a really good reference. If only the roads where that quite today!!
    I’m hoping to model a steam era layout so this is a great film to watch to get some ideas.

    • Iain

      It’s certainly one of those gem reference material films. Does make one realise how busy our roads are now.

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