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The Little Layout Company – Part 3 New Layout Progress Update

The Little Layout Company – Part 3 New Layout Progress Update

The Little Layout Company

Part three of this ongoing series on ‘The Little Layout Company’ with an update on the progress of their latest layout. The Little Layout Company is owned & run by our good friends Neil & Lacey Mason. Today it’s about interior details which add that extra touch of realism to a layout.

The current work in progress is a diesel depot layout. One of the buildings that you often see at rail depots is the portable type office building, such as those by Portcabin. Here Neil & Lacey are adding one such building to their latest layout. The kit being used here is the Knightwing Portcabin kit. This can be double stacked with an access stairway up to the upper cabin.

To bring the layout to life as well as adding interior lighting, Neil & Lacey are adding interior details. So in the following photos, you’ll see one such portacabin being decked out as an office. The office furniture is carefully positioned so that it doesn’t look cluttered inside, so plenty of room for the wee folk to sit at their desks etc. Little detailed touches include a waste bin with some paperwork thrown in it. Wall planner posters, spilt fluid on the floor around the bin area, coat stand, desk lamp, photocopier etc also add to the scene.

Of course, some of the wee folk added too, to populate the office. Careful choice of figures to suit the depot scene has been chosen, such as workers with hard safety hats & office workers. The likes of Prieser & Noch have a wide range of figure packs to choose from, & a Preiser figure pack has been used here. Bachmann now also do a growing range of suitable OO scale figure packs too.

For the office furniture, Neal & Lacy have used a Faller Office details kit pack as well as adding some of their own bespoke details too. The office kit can be found here:


In the photo gallery below check out how Neil & Lacey have used this office kit in the Knightwing Office Kit. Once the cabin assembly is completed & lit up for night running sessions, will really look stunning. As the project continues we’ll update with each development along the way. Hopefully, the photos will inspire you to have a go at adding interior details to your own layout buildings.

More details on the Little Layout Company can be found here:

Many thanks to both Neil & Lacey & stay tuned for more updates…




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