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Thorne North station

I recently commenced the build of Thorne North station in 4mm/OO. The period is late 70s/early 80s, when the remaining Deltics hauled the Kings Cross-Hull services, (including the legendary Hull Executive) through up to 8 times a day. As I only live in a small flat, the layout/diorama measures only 2m x 0.8m, but on that I intend to include every conceivable detail.

The station is of North Eastern Railway design, absorbed into the LNER in 1923, before finally becoming part of British Rail Eastern Region. The main station building and associated civil engineering are all being scratchbuilt as “off the peg” items are not available. Thankfully, the Hornby “Scaledale” passenger footbridge is a standard NER design, so I’ll have one item less to draft and assemble.
It’s my intention to post photos as the build reaches significant milestones.

The progress of the build is being followed on the Facebook group Thorne North 4mm/00 for those interested.

I work full time and I’m a carer for my partner; therefore the build doesn’t get all of my time so please bear with me. Thank you.

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    • Holls

      Thank you for your comments, Iain. As I said earlier, I can’t spend as much time on the layout as I’d like to, although I’d rather go slowly and get it right, than rush it and muck it up. Ironically, I drew a plan of the layout in my school book all those years ago. Now I want the 1st hand records, I can’t find them. Typical!!!! I do remember one little cameo that will be present on the finished layout, and it’ll be remembered by many people who used Thorne North back in 1980. I’ll say no more at this stage.

  1. Holls

    I’m now at the stage where I’m getting ready to lay some track. I was going to run with code 100, but as I’m intending to run “new” stock, I’ve opted for code 75 instead. My OCD then kicked in, and I’ve decided to cut the rails at 60ft scale length (which will hopefully lend to the air of reality (and may even give the prototypical “clickerty-clack”)). Here’s hoping that I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew 😁

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