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Thriftwood Parva Part 4 (The Slope)

Thriftwood Parva Part 4 (The Slope)
This is the most difficult part of the whole layout to construct successfully.  The minimum recommended slope is 1:40 but if you started the slope at one end of the boards and reached the height you wanted at the other end the slope was 1:50.  This is what we did. The layout is designed to be modern image, loosely! Being a club layout and the only DCC non-end to end one, it would be used by members for running their ‘pride and joy’ sound locomotive – of which I have a few.

The layout is to be used at exhibitions as well as at the club and so needs to be light but strong. the construction of the slope was made from 6mm good quality plywood as were most of the supports. These were set at regular frequent intervals and the whole thing screwed and glued together.

Some people may consider this to be too light weight – but remember that the edges of the slope were also supported by the ‘wall scenery’ which was glued to both sides.

This construction has proved to be very successful with only a few older (weaker) steam locomotives slipping if too many coaches are fitted.

In the next episode: Laying all the track and first running of a locomotive.

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