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Thriftwood Parva Part 2 (the very beginning)

Thriftwood Parva Part 2 (the very beginning)
In the beginning there were the club layouts – but no DCC layout in OO scale with a continuous track.  Sometimes affectionately termed a ’roundy roundy’. But this was going to be little different! We had relatively limited space 14′ x 8′.  To overcome this it was designed with a figure-of-eight track that was folded over.  This meant some elevated track to allow locomotives to make a double loop before returning to the fiddleyard. The incline was a relatively gentle 1:50. This just fitted the layout boards!


Stage one was making the baseboards and each section has its own legs and will stand on its own.

The legs fold into each other for compact transportable unit.


The whole layout fits in a standard Transit van. With all the scenery and ‘bits’.


Next time on Thriftwood Parva – ‘Building the inclines’.

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