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Tip Of The Day – 67

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 67

This Modelling Tip Of The Day is an ongoing series, in which we’ll be posting a modelling tip that may be of use to the newbie right up to the seasoned modeller. Today’s tip is:

Don’t Throw Away Spare Parts!

It goes without saying, keep & don’t throw away any model railway spare parts. Even if you don’t think you’ll use them they may come in handy later on. Spare parts from modelling projects or repairs that may otherwise end up in the bin could be reused. For example, cogs from a non-running motor could be re-used as wagon loads, or in a factory depot scene for example. If maybe you’ll not have a use for spare parts you’ve finished with, but could always come in handy to a fellow modeller or modelling friend. Or sell them on as many modellers are often looking for spare parts & odd bits & pieces.

One example of reusing a spare bit of railway rail is to make a rail type bufferstop, as seen in the image below.


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