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Tool Tidy Tip

Tool Tidy Tip


Here’s a tip for keeping all your small tools tidy and to hand.

Recently we had to buy a new cutlery holder for our dishwasher as the bottom had broken through and rather than throw the old one away I took it to see if I could use it in my workshop. As you can see it works a treat. I’ve managed to fill it up with all sorts of my small tools:- files, tweezers, pliers, screwdrivers, emery boards, UHU, bradawl even a chisel and my track pin hammer. It’s got nearly 100 holes of varying sizes and this particular model sold as a replacement for Hotpoint Dishwashers you can get on Amazon for £8.99. You can get other variants with fewer holes for under a fiver.

I’ve been using mine for a while now and it’s really useful to have all your tools to hand where you can see them instead of having to root around in a box.

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Recently retired to the south coast where I'm building a large, fictitious layout called Bartlesham in my garage. It is modern, industrial with an intermodal container depot at one end, a cement works in the middle and a chalk quarry at the other end.


  1. werk2do

    Neat idea and a clever way to recycle.

    • Iain

      I certainly need to tidy my modelling tools up as my workbench looks a bit of a mess with tools every where.

  2. MalcT

    Good idea, think I’ll be getting one of these

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