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Top Ten Countdown – SMS Kits

Kit Ideas for your layout

Looking for kit ideas for your layout & diorama? Here we run through ten popular kits from our range here at to get some ideas going for your layout. So just like the TV program Top Of The Pops, we’ll run down the top ten in reverse order.

So this week in at number 10 along the trackside is kit:

Just like its cousin LX56-OO fence post & wire kit, this kit uses the same fence posts but without the wire. In the pack is 44 laser cut birch plywood fence posts for making up your own post and wire fencing. Each post stands approx 16mm tall once installed, and has 4 holes pre-drilled to accept wires. Simply drill a row of 2.5mm holes at approximately 24mm spacing. Glue the posts into place, then thread with your choice of wire, fishing line or thread. These can be left unpainted, but also be easily weathered if required using artists acrylics or weathering powders. They make for great wagon loads too!!

At number 9 the one & only 5 bar wonder, it’s…

The first of the Laser Cut range is the ever popular laser-cut five bar gate kit. This pack of three laser cut card farm style five bar gates has a wide range of uses on your OO scale model railway & diorama layouts. These gates take just a couple of minutes to assemble. Take a look at this video as Justin shows how quick & easy it is to assemble this kit:

Watch the demonstration video here.
They can be painted using artists acrylics or left in their natural colour to represent weathered unpainted wood. Ideal for farms, fields & lanes, even country branchline railway crossings & railway yards!!

From LX to KX kits this time & moving in at number 8 is the popular easy builder…

An ideal one this for the beginner & a great one for the kids to try too. It’s very easy to build kit, simply cut & fold & glue, kit builds two Portacabins / portable offices. It’s an Ideal kit for younger & less experienced modellers who want to quickly add buildings to their layout. This twin pack comprises two self-assembly 20ft portacabins in OO scale, which can be used as lineside buildings, site offices, car park offices, car sales offices and much more. One portacabin has a pristine finish, the other is weathered. All you need is glue and a sharp knife & some card glue like Roket Card Glue.

Moving back to the LX kits this time & moving on up to number 8 is very secure …

Keep those naughty thieves & vandals out with the LX007-OO Chain Link Security Fencing. This kit has two options with crank top posts & straight top posts. This kit is ideal for use around your industrial scenes, factories, car parks and much more! It Builds up a total length of just over 100cm long plus it includes two small personnel gates & a pair of larger gates for wider vehicle entrances etc. Full instructions included. Packs include fine black/grey nylon mesh for the chain link. The Crank-top version also includes fishing line to represent the barbed wire.

It Can be easily painted using artists acrylics or spray paints. As seen on Youtuber Dave Watson’s Dean Park Station layout.

Not to be left out from the AX kits range of kits, in at number 7 is this red hot little mover…

Each AX021-OO bonfire is hand made & comes complete with a working LED flickering fire effect. Ideal for the following scales: OO / HO / 1:76 / 1:72. Made using real wood pieces and a 3D printed plastic base. They come fully assembled & pre-wired, for ready installation onto your layout/diorama.

To fit Simply drill a 4mm diameter hole in your baseboard, thread the wires through and connect up. A little tip for adding even more realism to the fire, dry-brushing a little white, grey & black paint onto the wooden pieces to simulate a burnt and charred effect. These Bonfires now come with resistors pre-installed enabling the fires to be connected directly to a 12v supply. As these bonfires are handmade they are all completely unique!

Back to the LX kits, in at number 5 is that trackside depot favourite…

Tube Clamp style safety railings for modern image OO scale model railway layouts. Found in depots, roadside, carparks, factories, depots, warehousing, walkways, around signals & REB equipment & more! Based on the commonly seen Scaffolding tube type railings by Tube-Clamp & Kee Clamp. They come supplied unpainted in a natural brown colour & ready for painting, we recommend artists acrylic paints, aerosol type spray paints are perfect for the job.

Each pack contains a selection of assorted length railing sections which can be used individually or combined to make longer length runs of safety fencing.

At number 4 victorian favourite who’s just another brick in the wall …

Standing solidly is KX006-OO. This versatile kit builds into a very sturdy wall which can be built as both single-sided (60″ long) & double-sided (30″ long). Walls like this kit portrays is typical of those seen all around the UK. The kit now comes as pre-laser cut, with laser cut card base layers making construction a breeze! It Features recessed brick panels & it’s perfect for use as a perimeter wall around a factory, church, along the side of the railway track, as seen in many residential areas. The kit is very easy to assemble and uses high resolution, pre-weathered texture wraps over a series of 500gsm card layers which leaves no unsightly cut card edges visible when construction is complete.

The wall section joints are cleverly concealed, so it looks like one continuous built wall. We suggest using Roket Card glue for the card base layers & a glue stick like Pritt stick for the texture sheets.

Holding up at number 3 appearing on a street near you…

This pack contains 16 laser cut temporary road signs. Precision cut from 0.4mm laserboard, they’re perfect for any modern image layout or diorama. Very easy to assemble with just 3 parts per sign. We recommend Tweezers for assembling this kit. The frames can be easily painted using artists acrylics prior to gluing the pre-printed signs into place. Included is a full assortment of different signs, from Temporary Traffic Lights, Road Works, Ice & Floods, to When Red Light Shows Wait Here. There’s a sign for every eventuality! Recommended glue to assemble this kit which can be found here: Roket Card Glue

Holding on to number 2 spot is the lineside country favourite…

Keep your track sides safe with this best seller lineside fencing kit. The pack contains laser cut card post & rail fencing which also has 4 stiles and 4 footpath signs included!! This versatile kit has a wide range of uses on your OO scale model railway layout or 1:76 diecast diorama.

This fence stands up at a scale 4ft high (16mm in OO gauge) and is flexible enough to be used around curved track & along roadsides. It can be easily made to follow the profile of hills & embankments etc. It’s sturdy enough when assembled to stand the test of time on your layout. Supplied pre-cut with 6 strips of fencing, plus four styles & four signs. Can be left in its natural state to represent unpainted weathered wood or painted with artist acrylic paints.

Top of the kits & holding on to the number one slot is…

The ever-popular LX056-OO Post & Wire lineside fencing offers a quick, simple & low cost method for your layouts farmers to keep livestock away from busy railway lines. Seen all over the UK, & has been used for years than i can remeber, this easy to install laser cut kit will look right at home on your model layout or diorama.

With it being real wood fence posts, it looks the part straight from the packet. Very easy to build, & makes up to 1 metre of fencing just from a single pack!! To install simply drill a row of 2.5mm holes at approximately 24mm apart. Glue the posts into place, & once the glue has set, thread the included wire through the posts and secure with a little glue. The fence posts and wire can then be easily weathered if required using artists acrylics.

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