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Uncoupler Tool For Tension Lock Couplings

Uncoupler Tool For Tension Lock Couplings

A Simple Uncoupling tool


In this article aimed at any one new to the hobby we make a simple uncoupling tool for use with model railway models with Tension Lock Couplings. So allowing uncoupling any where on layout with out having to fit uncoupling ramps to your track work. To make this tool you’ll need nothing more than a medium sized paper clip & a small torch such as a pen light.

First bend one end of the paper clip 90 degrees as seen on the right.

Second bend the end with the loop 180 degrees again as seen on the right. The loop on the top now acts as the handle of the uncoupler tool. The 90 degree bit that was bent first acts as the arm to lift the couplings.

In use hold the uncoupler tool as shown.
With the coaches / wagons etc positioned slightly apart. Insert the lower arm of the uncoupler tool below the coupling hooks.
Lower & remove the uncoupling tool from the coaches.
Lower & remove the uncoupling tool from the coaches.
To make things easier to see the couplings glue or tape the uncoupler tool to a small pen light or torch as shown on the right.
With the torch fitted it’s now easier to see between the coaches.


Happy Modelling.

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  1. Trebor247

    What a great idea ! Now to find where I can get a light pen from.

    • Iain

      Just found this cheap one that may do the job:

  2. meltonpieman

    Well done Iain

    Very simple and much better than many efforts I have seen and made. While I use Kadee couplings, my club uses tension locks and I feel that I will be off to the paperclip box shortly … I already have a suitable torch.


    • Iain

      Many thanks David 🙂 Used this for many years now. Iain

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