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Weymouth Harbour Branch (Quay Tramway)

On December 29th 1994 33109 Capt. Bill Smith RN took the Ocean Liner Express along the Weymouth Quay line much to the surprise of motorists, especially those who had their cars moved and even towed away.
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  1. Rentapipe

    I remember the day in 1994 well as I was one of the surprised motorist that day. I was delivering parcels in Weymouth and got caught up in the struggle to clear the road/track for the train to pass. It certainly was a surprise to find a train heading straight for me as I drove along the road. Thank you for reminding me of that day.

    • Iain

      Would certainly make for a great model.

  2. DordonWagonWorks

    I used to visit Weymouth as a child, not long after the trains stopped. it was always a little sad seeing the dis-used lines.

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