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Do you know the value of your model railway layout – could you afford the cost of replacing it ?

I’m in the fortunate position of having a detached garage for my layout. Having recently retired but not able to take my state pension for another five years I’m reliant on my personal pension for income. With this in mind from the start of building my layout I created a spreadsheet to record all my costs / expenses and soon it amounted to several thousand pounds. When we were renewing our home and contents insurance it highlighted to me that although the garage structure is covered by the house insurance the contents are not, a little concerning.

I then came across this company who specialise in model railway insurance.

I think their is insurance is very comprehensive, covering not only your track, locos / rolling stock etc, but everything associated with the layout. You can even insure your layout if it’s in your main home as well, and for those who take them to exhibitions this is also covered:

“The policy covers loss or damage to your Model Railway, including Garden Railways and Model Railway Engineers:

  • whilst kept in your own home, garage or other outbuilding
  • whilst in transit anywhere in the UK, and
  • whilst at exhibitions in the UK.

The policy provides cover for your layout, locomotives and rolling stock, scenery and track work, scale model buildings, electrical control equipment and wiring and other model accessories and tools, memorabilia, photos, books, DVDs and all other property used in connection with your model railway or model engineering activities.”

The premium is very reasonable, I’m now happy that should the worst occur I have insurance cover.


Please note that I have no connection to this provider other than being a satisfied customer.

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Recently retired and building my first model railway in about 50 years. Live on the Lancashire coast with my partner Deb and our three French Bulldogs. Modelling OO gauge / recent/modern image / DCC NCE Powercab / Cobalt Alpha Power / Alpha Box / Alpha Central / Alpha Mimic / PSX-1 Circuit Breaker

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