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When it all goes wrong at Jubilee Road

Now one from Network Youtube: Matt Slade (The Youtube Railway Modellers Community Group). Those of you that make videos for Youtube know things can often go wrong during filming, especially when the trains start playing up soon as the camera comes out!! Matt has been brave enough to show his trains misbehaving in front of the camera, I’m sure many of us can relate to this when running sessions don’t quite go to plan. Plenty of steam action in the video too!!

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  1. Holls

    Tamer language than i might have used 😂

    • Justin

      We double checked the video actually to make sure there was no blue air in there! If we miss it which we sometimes do it sometimes offends folks so we have to be careful.

      • Holls

        My video would probably be a silent movie “post edit”, Justin 😂

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