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Yet another way to make Containers – but even CHEAPER

Yet another way to make Containers – but even CHEAPER

Cardboard boxes make a cheap and strong material for the core of a cargo container.

If you use extra strong boxes, the type that have a double wall with two layers of corrugation, they will make a strong core.  Typically, this cardboard is 0.5 cm thick.

The size of a 40 ft container on 00 scale is 160mm x 33mm x 38mm.

If you cover the cuboid core with 1mm (1000 micron) greyboard you need 6 cardboard pieces 158mm x 35 x 0.5mm. Cut out and glue the core together.

Cut two greyboard sides 158mm x 35mm.  Stick these to the sides of the cuboid core.

Add top and bottom (158mm x 32mm).  Then, ends (38mm x 32mm).  

Add weight to ensure sides stick flat.

Paint the edges of the cuboid core the same colour as the main colour of the printed skins.

Stick the printed skins of the container on being careful to orientate the sides correctly.  Cover the finished container with matt varnish.

Note the sharp edges of the container.

You can make other sizes of container – just follow these instructions and adjust the size of the cardboard to fit the container.

All ‘skins’ for the containers are available from as are laser cut core kits if you don’t want to be a cheapskate like me!  There are a number of different container designs available and more are to follow, as time allows, from the same source.

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  1. werk2do

    What a great idea – economic and authentic-looking containers having both strength and a bit of weight. Easy and quite quick to make too (which is always good news for me!). Thank you.

  2. justin evans

    this is an excellent idea but the container kits from sms are fantastic too

  3. roybag57

    I’m all for low cost effective solutions, and this certainly ticks all the boxes. Many thanks.

  4. wicky0570

    What a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.

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