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Model Railway Train Couplings Explained In Full Detail – OO/HO. Hornby Triang etc.

In this video by John at Johns Amazing Trains – chambs123 for a look at various Hornby & Tri-ang couplings. Sit back for this trip back in time with this look at the various couplings by these two companies. Over to John now.

Here’s the video…



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  1. justin evans

    thats a great video, whilst the larger D type tension lock couplings do work , to my eye they look big bulky cumbersome things and i prefer something much smaller and closer that looks realistic the bachman pipe type coupling does look ideal

    • Iain

      Makes one realise just how many types of model railway couplings there are out there. We’ll look into what other videos we can find that cover other types of couplings not shown in this video.

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